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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

On Language…

maybe words are not to be trusted…

I may think I mean what I mean to say when I say it
but certainly cannot trust that you will know what I mean
when I think you know what I think I mean.
I may be very confident that I know what I think I mean when I say it
but cannot be confident of the fact that you will know what I meant when you hear it
Andy Murray won the other day didn’t he?
'is the coalition winning the war on terrorism?' might be a different question.

On Monday the lady in the shop said, I’ll bring your sandwich over when it was ready
maybe I don’t hear so good these days.

Maybe there is something behind language - like a engine ticking over keeping it all going - like background radiation.

Some say language is all we have - I am not sure..
Slowing down and listening with a watchful tender eye...

In speech misunderstood
In silence unheard
In the allotment
I am
at the heart of the matter
using coronary language
establishing a beat
a pulsing
a pattern
a rhythm
a growing
a living
a dying
I am
another vision
of understanding
unable to articulate
seeking expression
using the language I mistrust.

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."
Edward Hopper (here)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Descartes- alternative view - Last Post.

for those who missed
the curious (this isn't what I saw)
and for the others...
still on the journey.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Star of the Show

what's new...

"I think it's beginning to dawn about the 'live' business... what I learned when I first started on this journey about 10 years ago was that 'I' needed to be in the work - not enough to 'paint' something and hang it on a wall, 'sculpt' something and stick it on a plinth - 'install' something and - well you get the idea.. 'I' need to be in it - there seems to be something about 'me' that completes the work in a way that can't be any other way and yet it's not acting that I'm about  nor is it live art - or maybe it is... That's why the recording of something can only ever be a trace, and why the interaction with people is the point of doing the journey...
I only know this lot sounding it out with you, now... which is somehow paradoxical because 'you' aren't 'here' and we aren't 'live'... it's v. confusing!"
Now I'm left wondering what all the " ' " marks mean?