[Byzantine Bindings]

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Freedom of Information ACT

Calabrese 'Ramosa'
Record keeping is interesting isn't it?
I have just discovered that I should be more worried about "other crime" than robbery, burglary, violent crime, or vehicle crime, it came second only to Anti-Social Behaviour in my area.
This little reverie started when wondering about the number of cherry blossoms that fall each year and why no one keeps a check
or raindrops
but cough drops
now there's a thing...
when cherry blossom becomes
worth something
and children are employed to
run around and pick them up
in paper sacks
and exchange them for pennies
then we'll know
then it will all be over
when tears are measured
in drops
or trickle length
then we'll be sorry
and pine for the days
we half noticed
the real world
touching our imagination
architecting soul
landscaping hope...
the devil is probably in the process
of keeping records
you know the way...
'correlation does not imply causation'
cum hoc ergo propter hoc...
ad infinitum.