[Byzantine Bindings]

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Soul Keening

open morning
mouthing last night’s silence
making off with dreamlike distance

little one
in whose keeping am placed
place in your keeping
that which is understood
less than bread un-torn
left soft crumbed on the table
for sake of mercy or unknown brother
or sister
gathered up crumbs
thrown to the four winds
married by storytaleing
to driftwood on the beach
hearing crash of wave on shore
hearing you call
hear you calling
sink beneath the rolling breakers
wash the weight from tired eyes
be forgiven if unforgiveness is your geis
know love now
if late in day
if unlovedness be your geis
amble down the valley with a swaggered gait
into the promised land
pick a thread of grass for good measure
with wry smile remember taste of summer love