[Byzantine Bindings]

Monday, 28 October 2013

Prayer and Raindrops.

I need to pray
no, I need to become prayer
enter into the...
                        Watching rain drops on the patio door
                        individual unconnected
                        then suddenly
                        (I can't see that well these days)
                                     from where
                                     a drop lands
                                     gravity takes over
                                     darting quickly side
                                     by side
                                     last line of resistance
                                                       I suppose
                                     joining other paths
                                                  less resistance
                                                  easier passage
                       suddenly there is a river of prayer!
                       Picking up others along the way
                       it seems that this is the one to
                       take us all the way and then
                       it stops.
           become the story letting go into a cosmic
wide web of consciousness where all is well all always was
well and always will be well.
                        other droplets
                        discovering old ways
                        re-energise bringing new life
               Journey's end - plop!


Saturday, 12 October 2013

What If The Fish And The Eye Were One?

seeking knowledge
fish sank deep into the pool of understanding
keeping a weather eye open
nothing could persuade him of otherwise

she stood in the doorway
it was raining
and the dream was black and white
as he remembered
Casablanca, he recalled
his mum waiting at the station for her lover
before the war
just in time to catch the last bus
then he’d have to walk back
with a warm glow inside
none of it seemed to matter just now and yet
everything was of consuming importance
the waiting
the walking
the ordinary everyday
extraordinariness of it all
in a flash
slow flash
slow motion flash
over in a second
whatever that was it was a near miss.

He visited me again the old boy with his dog.
new story
new ways
just have a go
a try or something
a stab at it at least
there are no mistakes
only better failures

in the moment be taken
let certainties be broken
earth looms large
cold clay beckons
life expectancy

dust in my eye again
or will I admit a tear
a weak tear
a weak tea
just a bit of bread broken
over the table
crumbs fall
life passes by
winter prepares to clothe the world
the damage is done
there is only now
ever was
and will be
(he wanted to say Amen).

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A learner in the Moment.

prime cuts of earth
flirting world soil forward
unearthing micro-worlds sunward

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Dip in the Pot

1st. May 2012
So is it possible to trace a map on the wind
seek the landmarks of the stream
encode the reality of our unspeakable discoveries
from lands beyond ordinary reality?