[Byzantine Bindings]

Monday, 28 October 2013

Prayer and Raindrops.

I need to pray
no, I need to become prayer
enter into the...
                        Watching rain drops on the patio door
                        individual unconnected
                        then suddenly
                        (I can't see that well these days)
                                     from where
                                     a drop lands
                                     gravity takes over
                                     darting quickly side
                                     by side
                                     last line of resistance
                                                       I suppose
                                     joining other paths
                                                  less resistance
                                                  easier passage
                       suddenly there is a river of prayer!
                       Picking up others along the way
                       it seems that this is the one to
                       take us all the way and then
                       it stops.
           become the story letting go into a cosmic
wide web of consciousness where all is well all always was
well and always will be well.
                        other droplets
                        discovering old ways
                        re-energise bringing new life
               Journey's end - plop!