Byzantine Bindings

Thursday, 14 November 2013

a week of prayer

comes to an end...
The Calming of the storm Mark 4:35-41

it was my boat they used
I just kept my hand on the tiller
while all the time he slept through it all
at my feet
until they woke him
scrabbling about over priority and boarding passes
all that negativity attracted the storm
there was no need of it
I’d have got them through
You just have to
know the water
and be one with your boat.

Trying to come to it afresh
hear it anew
where am I?
either on the shore - which one?
in a boat - which one his or the others?

It’s all very confused in my mind now
I went along because the others did
we nearly drowned in the storm
it seemed to happen in the distance
I’ve only a second hand story
picked up from the others
who reckon we’d all be dead now
if he hadn’t intervened
had a word
spoke it
sorted it
big magic
whatever it be.

From the other side I saw them coming
squabbling and fighting
to get here first
I saw him stand up
heard him shout a lot
they all settled down then.
You can only have one captain.
They made it
but the rest drowned
missed the boat you see
only one had the right skipper.

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

What do I want from the Jesus? - that he keep disturbing the peace.