Byzantine Bindings

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Old posts new places... Nov 2012

she stepped out of the cloud which hung low over the mountain
floating earthward she saw the trees give birth to eggs like jewels

touching the earth her magic drained and she became old and helpless
the gods smiled wistfully
see she steps lightly upon the earth
without us she crumbles to dust
beginning the process anew
tiny birds
wrens perhaps
enter into the bargain
hopping in and out of the fence
avoiding the broken glass
on the western edges

things move and I dont know how she says
the wren answers in dulcet tones
just sit and watch your journey has been long and the time has taken its toll
be still and observe the changes in the sky and earth
watch the rain form pools in the field
see the farmer groan under the weight of approximation
there is little here for you to learn
but much to absorb you
much into which you can sink

her hair now came out in strawy handfuls
scarring her lined face and causing the worms to disturb the tissues beneath
a tiny tear the size of a pearl of life trickled down her cheek and seeped into the open wound
and there she would have lain beside the compost bin
if it wasnt for jack the lad
who came just in the nick of time

ho now! what seems the trouble here mistress cried the plucky young chap
my hair is turned to straw and my beauty fades as the morning mists of autumn
well then mistress climb aboard me jet-ski and well away to sunnier climes
she limped along to climb aboard and shrugged her incontinence off
the pearl become a glint climbed up the cheek fired the eye and off they flew
catching a glimpse of her old self in the wing mirror she smiled
jack the lad had saved the day and they both lived happily ever after.