[Byzantine Bindings]

Monday, 2 December 2013


Let's get things off on the right foot

[when did god become necessary
when did it become necessary to separate things out
two parts
god and it
divine and mundane
the mundane was always there sex death sausage rolls
but in it
god in it
whenever did that happen]

use your large Hadron collider
oh and by the way
what's with the qualification giant
a circle seventeen miles in circumference -
we wouldn't guess it was a giant
to the quark, maybe
ant to the solar system
dark matter

ask the fish that swim in the sea what the water is
just swim
just swim
who cares about the engine
who cares about the spark plugs
the Higgs
a mere frisson moment
summer turning to autumn
winter to spring
look out of the window
enjoy the view
before the journey ends

your belly
finds favour in the eyes of the lord
in you will be sown the kingdom
your plight has not gone un-noticed
the potential of your virgin soil
hidden among the false modesty
on the allotment
behind the shed
is to be spotlighted by the national press

message ends 08:33.