[Byzantine Bindings]

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Awakening and breaking through

Landscaping the Soul
Something opened up this morning
discovering you are in a coffin can spark you into life
and seek the means to break free.
Sword Knight as my helper…

deep within the beating heart
of the Landscape of the Soul
is a waterfall
or glistening tree
perhaps a flower or stone

it’s beacon
wave or pulse
is evident however
sensed by delicate
healing touch
willingness to accept
that there is nothing I cannot do helps
coupled with the humility to know that anything I do
is all I can do.

that walking the land and being aware
alert to the beat
the rhythm
of the seasons
the phase of the moon
my position relative to the pole star

all these things

keep me on the path
cosmic webbed
connected through generation
discovering awe in the everyday
seeing with the first eye of enchantment
childlike newness all around.