[Byzantine Bindings]

Sunday, 22 December 2013

in order that something new be born in me

preparations to be made
cleaning scouring
hardly knowing where to begin
so much clings
and cloys
to mind and senses
let it all go
develop a sense of what is necessary
too much cleaning creates a sterile environment
a vacuum inviting germ
quickly learn what to put in place
and how to discern its motivation
see the eye
the quickening
then you know

no stable yard
or barn
was free from guilt
or piss soaked straw
but new birth is in a manger lain
with scent of summer’s bedstraw
I wrap dreams of who I would become
swathe them in warm hopefulness
and sit in silent candlelight

it’s done
and all can come
in wonder and adoration
at this humble scene

make of it what they will
in their own hearts

bear gifts