[Byzantine Bindings]

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Omens for a New Year

Omens for a New Year.

i - Wings
before the journey began
perhaps as it began
caught in the act of deciding
in the beginning it began

that which is unobserved
when focusing on other than the moment
has a habit of shocking
singing wings
describing warmer southern straits

perhaps god’s peripheral consciousness
with all its expanse and infinity
caught a glimpse of what might happen
when the clay cloyed and creatures flew
between earth and heaven
too late

ii - Story
head down
the old ones come again
in the teeth of the gale
relentless until sun ripened heart opens
in quiet reflection
revealing possible meanings
gentleness is the order of the day

iii - Brook Woman

and so the new year found her
by the water’s edge
with no companion on this
of all days

singing her sorrows to the brook
wind blown hair crying
rain swelling rising waters
offering no solace
spitting charity through
winter’s clenched teeth

iv Urth
long since caught by the wind
cried their leafy tears
leaving blackened trunks
counting the cost of another year

bare wet feet
stand stock still in unforgiving
pitiless earthen boots
desiring marching orders
hardly able to draw sap woven laces
to bear the next few months

unconscious trug collects

v - Father
genes pass on
in the face of it all
in the chaos of war
conjure up a plan
and mildly measure
intending some bit of security
all the while knowing that
seeds and sowing result in children
sons and fathers caught in a trap
each keeping an eye out for the other in some
awkward unspoken way
and when the wave of truth breaks through
comes crashing on the shore
its fierce tenderness
welcomed and quickly forgotten
offered and withdrawn
proud to be your son

vi - Foundations
belt and braces
corners first
sounding posts
long screws
winding in until metal squeals in wood
and the drill is about to jib
enough and plenty
more besides
there is an order
which helps ensure
temporary security

vii - Community
several tendrils whisper in the shed
exciting times ahead
discovering ways of being sangha
connecting with others
exploring participant observer roles

viii - Discipline
discovering freedom in discipline

ix - Allotment

x - Trees

xi - Siren
three sisters come on the bustling south westerly
calling out their names
we are
we are
we are

xii - White van Angel

sic gloria transit mundi