Byzantine Bindings

Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring Equinox (Prequel)

The dangers of isolation are many
self-delusion being the foremost
there is a sense in which the
security which comes with control
stultifies and undermines
the very freedom to become
sought in the first place
and yet
there is a clear mandate
in the solitude, silence, prayer mantra

Lao Tzu had it: what's a chap to do?
said keep quiet and they keep falling over the edge;
speak and they will misunderstand

perhaps be clear that
although lying just off shore
seemingly self-contained
the need to connect
enter the ring as it were
is fundamental
to mental hygiene
without it I die on the
self constructed island
wondering why no one came
leaving crumb or drink
nor asking after me

at least
provides opportunities