Byzantine Bindings

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

wanting to write

i want to write something
something waits to be born
come into being
have the necessary conditions arise
for its birth
i have a part
in the something
between reasonable and sensible

my role is not pre-determined
though my situation
is partly at least
hand held by guardian
angel of death
one in the same
faces of a coin
who pays the ferryman
what river to cross
kindly appreciation flows from heart to heart
in the day to dayness

say how
that’s most of the problem
never be afraid to state the obvious -
at any rate
the simple daily grind is the miraculous
the angels appear in every leaf
a slip away
thin places
the daily round of
exchanging glances
knowing looks
actions of profound unimportance

time to go to the ideas shop
barter for a pound of ideas
would you like a carrier
no i have an onion bag
they like to hang on the holes
a few get lost on the way
back in the studio