[Byzantine Bindings]

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


not knowing
if a change might make a difference
a clash of direction
apparent obliqueness
tending to create an impression

lacking only blackbirds
there seemed only
a rainbow bridge lacking
in the situation
a gateless gate through which to
tread softly
noting new vistas
in mindscaped soul
where all was un
named equal

it all went wrong not in 312
probably a lot earlier
when choices were made
in gardens
far off behind some
word curtained

boundaries set
became more important
than observation
for its own sake
to test the mettle
of both parties
from now on

evening came and morning came

time was in the mind
broken apart
the one cried tears of light
into the void
wept animals
insects birds
mountains seas
wailed plants
every living thing
that creeps upon the ground

morning came and evening came

space was carved in the mind
variously carved
cut up into pieces
these things I have seen
in dream and nightmare
bodies bulldozered
into bottom less pits of hatred

evening came and lasted
in never ending darkness
icy cold gripped around
freezing parts until they snapped off
great ice mountains slowly ground their way
through the imagination
leaving scarring
leaving soreness
some wounds impossible to heal

but now the day dawns
the die is cast opportunity is the order of the day
possibilities beckon
call out
witness the life of one
who passed this way with dignity

be true to choice of life over death
and daily bread