[Byzantine Bindings]

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Candy Floss

in a good way
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inviting participation
join in

Perhaps creativity is like a watery flowy thing whose natural state is movement. Too often I want to contain it, the water in a stream is not the same as in a cistern.
I am apt to stem the flow by procrastination, often due to fear of something, so that’s where starting comes in.
When we have blocked or locked the flow we need to start. I advocate simple ways; buy the rod, buy the licence, tie the flies, go to the river, learn, become a fisherman (artist, bookbinder, carpenter painter writer pray-er etc).
Often I need to give myself permission to do these things. In the past I have not done them because of fear of failure or feelings of unworthiness. This is a courageous act, who knows what chaos will ensure if I give myself permission to be who I am.
Finally the stopping. I have to be careful to keep hold of the idea that the gifts I receive need enough of me to make them manifest in the world. I like the candy floss metaphor. It's as if somehow we poke our little stick into the stream and the sugary filamented ideas cling. My job is to hold the stick up somehow and let others taste/see, it is not to take the idea and then dip it in chocolate add gold leaf flakes and by reverse alchemy transmute the precious into the base. The lilly needs no gilding.