[Byzantine Bindings]

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Here he is!

that's the hardest
the rest falls into place
probably guided by God's hand

50 Words

It's all inside 
the trick is to find the tap
valve door or gap
thin place at any rate
place where knowing and being in charge
let's say
are less important than
letting go and seeing what happens
having the faith to erase that which is making meaning
easy then.

300 Words

The creative truth is nearer than we like to think
like God
waiting for you to be still enough
present in this moment
prayer-full in some way and yet 
in other ways constantly flowing like a river or a stream.

There is a tiny brook which runs under our houses it links us to the stream
and in turn to the river and the sea.

Then suddenly there he is
popping out of the page
this gentle clumsy giant with bundled flowers
longing for his innocence to be noticed
ignorant in the ways of love
feeling a great rush inside
unsure of what it means or how to handle it
there is s tremendous strength here which would overwhelm you 
crush you with his cumbersome love
he blunders into your world
lacking in the social graces 
unrefined immanent

Probably a blacksmith
great hulk of a man
forged himself in fire and ice
over the millennia
weathered now
seeking something
more than friendship
less than love
committed only to the fire 
which breathes life

Maybe a sharecropper
aware of the obligation he has
to family and land
returning home for dinner
noticing by the side of the field some posies
thoughtfully plucking them from the earth
table decoration
gifted from the earth
of no commercial value 
but being that which makes the hard work bearable
maybe me
maybe you
maybe everyone
that part of us which is strong and gentle
aware that there is nothing we need more than
a sign every now and then
kisses from the sun
changes in the season
trickle of brook
graces beyond measure poured upon us
it's as simple as that
no meaning 
or explanation
just moments when the heart beats a little faster 
or tears smile through a half forgotten memory.