[Byzantine Bindings]

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Headbands - good try but no cigar.


This is my first go at headbands, it's a bit like learning to swim by reading a book! Anyway here's what a false start looks like! Struggling with the tension and so forth, that and only having two hands.

Start again.

"Always we begin again". St Benedict was right.

Simple things learned by doing, like when it says in the book, 'from here on maintain equal tension' it isn't until doing that you realise the threads can be just gently tugged and they will hold themselves in the pages.

Seems ok...
going on a pace now and things seem to be going well - you see I know the end of the story!

Hmmm... maybe not!
Seem to have missed the kettle stitch hole here in my eagerness to get it finished. Eagerness is not a great thing to have when sewing headbands apparently.

Clearly the blue thread which is supposed to form the bead went walkabout after the first section, and there was me as pleased as punch, before close inspection!
Good job I have three more to go.

What have I learned: make sure the blue thread goes back in and round the yellow at each section. Don't be too eager. But it's a start