[Byzantine Bindings]

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Next in Line

Ready to go.
Next project 4 A6 K118 style books. A little bigger than the last one but the point here is to practise the binding style. I learned this at a summer school last year at the Grange it was taught by Glenn Malkin. Like many other things I never got round to making one in between so it's hard to remember  - even with his very helpful notes, so making four of them is enough of a challenge and should help get it fixed in my mind.

All sewn now. Just stopped to make an observation.

Today I have tried to be more relaxed, over the last while I have been a bit tense, worrying about getting it ‘wrong’.

I just thought the unthinkable - what if the weaver’s knot didn’t take and had snipped off the ends? Of course I’d just undo the stitches to a place where it was long enough to attach, and that would be that.

Funny where the tension comes from and how trying to be mindful helps out a bit.

See how that theory works when it comes to the next bit.

Meticulous planning, path-working and tidiness are the keys.