[Byzantine Bindings]

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The River

I forgot the river’s name
lagging behind the others
walking slowly now
unerring in step
grateful for every breath 
senses locked into automatic 
revealing something of the folly of it all

I forgot the river’s name
thankfully however it remembers mine 
and so I am enabled to gather fragments
memories of an uncertain past 
echoing down the years
tumbling into bed with myself
lost in the wonder of it all

I forgot the river’s name
faster flowing now
than is good for a body
but look 
the bank sustains the edges
holding up life in all its forms
gently now in darkened pools of light

I forgot the river's name
but dawn reflected light
sparkled clear as crystal 
bright as any sunlit dewdrop tear
on half forgotten pointed leaf
gently gathering 
mild morning magical mist

I forgot the river's name
was it childhood
walking back from school
paddling in new shoes
walking them dry home
wondering about transgressions 
even at that age of innocence

I forgot the river's name
sat upon the shore 
watching the others
splashing about all laughter
all light and connectedness
fearing nothing in those days
secure in her loving arms

I forgot the river's name
but not the blackberry redness
oozing in autumn’s loose grip
cobwebbed remembrances
never tasted so good back then
but then the world was younger
more disposed to smiling and laughter