[Byzantine Bindings]

Friday, 5 May 2017

Three Masted Prayer

50 Words:
“Your mind is not your friend - God is.”

My mind is not my friend - God is.
these words do not come easy
yet they bring solace
mind is illusion
endless storehouse of past and present
attachment rejection
constant turmoil my mind is not my friend
God is
though I confess to little understanding
just now
it  rings true.

Second Mast:
Logic and reason
have been my friendly
rafts getting me thus far
round and round
nowhere substantial
simplicity abandoned
for certainty

I have made an island
of the raft
mistaking it for land
now it is time to erect
the sail of unknowing
driven by the breath of wind
to some other shore

compass in the hand of God
sailing the welcoming
wide eternal seascape
of my soul
sighting hope
in another story
exchanging sea for land.

letting things be
mind was never helpful
living in the present moment