[Byzantine Bindings]

Monday, 12 February 2018

Making Ready

glowing sunshine
start to live mindfully
being in the moment for lent

Giving up something for lent.
This year I will attempt to give up striving to be who I am not and take up being who I am.    I envisage this to be a struggle.

Who I am not is far more attractive than who I am. Shattering this illusion will not be easy it will require constant vigilance.

The method I mean to employ is mindfulness.
By this I mean
Attempting to live in the moment, being aware of my breathing, relaxing my body, contemplating the precariousness of all life, letting go of aversion and attraction.
Becoming aware of my place in the universe, considering the suffering of others, feeling compassion for all beings, letting my love for all beings grow.

When asked what his monks do the Buddha replied that they worked ate and meditate, the enquirer asked what the difference was between his monks and other monks in this regard he said that when his monks ate; they know they eat. When they work; they know they work. When they meditate; they know they meditate.*

The past is gone, the future yet to be; where does the present reside?

I remember being fascinated when I was younger by the conundrum, “Where was the man when he jumped from the bridge?”
In the air?
That was after he jumped.
On the bridge?
That was before he jumped.

This was long, long before the internet.
Google now furnishes many answers!

This is a preamble, a small preparation to move towards the lenten season from the season of epiphany. From manifestation to longer days, showing forth to lengthening.

*I hope to find the source for this story but not knowing will not prevent me from chewing it.