[Byzantine Bindings]

Thursday, 1 February 2018

The First of Spring


you miss the boat
due to random agents
like the like a hacking cough and the moon
what then?

A good question
play catchup
pick up where you should be
go with the flow
do something different
what is the one rare thing
that which cannot be omitted
jewel in the crown
do that and hang the rest
sunshine brings out the best
in me and others
at playtime.

There we are then
that was yesterday 
this is today.

First day of spring
cold wind sunshine
generous Brigid comes
paving the way
for allotment fun
this year will be a riot
of fruit and flower
no excuses now
just an hour
go to do one thing
replace the glass
clear a bed
come home
that’s two things
ah well.