[Byzantine Bindings]

Monday, 23 April 2018

Opening the gates...

breathing in the sunshine
dreams are clinging onto nighttime 

waking up feels like leaving a reality
to which I belong more than here
something clings alright
more than imagination
feeling like sheol
everything has a half life
passing that moment 
realising that broken mornings
run in and out of each other's houses
laughing as they go.

That’s the way
let something like intuition
queen of the senses
meet with reason
let there be communion 
let substances flow
leave the birth to genetic chance
upbring the child
with current social mores
think nothing of the future
or past
only the present moment
see the wonder in its eyes
at licking the spoon
stirring the mixture 
laughing in the face of certainty
now who wins
in this game of life
no one
the lesson learned
applied to all
freely given 
in ways now understood by all
go and find out for yourself
answer to no one 
answer to all
in the small parts 
see the whole
as it was in the beginning 
is now
and will be forever
water gathered in a child’s fishing net
little pool
little song
away in a manger
time to go
dip your finger in the stoop
and bless yourself
all possibilities 
of ever needing to
be led into temptation
mother calls
time to wash your hands and come for tea
another day sinks into the sunset
wonder and awe settle down again
as night clouds draw the curtain
on another day
is that it
survival shelter food

Warmed up
ready to go
climb aboard the express
see the other eager faces