[Byzantine Bindings]

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

covered earth

At the moment I am working away at digging over a piece of land on the allotment that I have had covered over for a couple of seasons now.
It was acquired it when the guy next door moved down one so it left a pice of land about ten by ten which I covered and left to let all the weeds die off.
It is interesting really, that's what the gardening books advise - to cover until the weeds have died. I don't know if I would have had the patience for it, but one thing is for sure it is just so easy to dig over. Here in the middle of the summer with the little rain we have had and the fact that the ground is mostly clay, yet it cut and turned over just like peat.
The digging hasn't been easy because of the heavy ground but not having to stop every two seconds to pull out handfuls of couch grass and bindweed root makes the task so much more pleasurable.
Over the last few weeks I have been otherwise engaged and so haven't had as much time on the plot as I would have liked. It's been great to go there and just switch off and connect with the earth again.

The final design of the plot is complete now and I hope to do some fairly accurate measuring now in order to plan out what goes where. It has been a long time in the working out but now I am there it feels just right. I'll say more about the decision making process later and include some images soon.