[Byzantine Bindings]

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Calabrese 'Ramona'

as if to say
job done again
smiles and stories
children happy
flagging up against the void
torrid exchanges
amid winners and losers
all in the game an almost severed head
broken oar
carry stories across the seven waves
escaping into an uncertain future
from a flimsy past
come again
return to the garden
sit with the gardener
catch sight of the muse
ask the question for us Mary
which soever Mary you be...
hear the ringing bells
of future certainties
awkwardly amid the
shrovetide ashen
hot cross buned
laughing in the breeze
dancing with the poor
rolling the stone
away from hardened hearts
opening the arteries
pointing at us
pointing at me
pointing at ME!
me up the tree
me on his knee...
what a performance.