[Byzantine Bindings]

Sunday, 6 April 2014

They gathered to listen

the inner child
came to nourish the old man in his weakness
brought nourishment form an unexpected source
from over the fence a someone shouts in German
to wake him up but he is having none of it

here in this pagan dancing circle he relishes
the dance
the costume ritual
womanly drama of it all
no fool like an old one
fool and his money...

from the outer reaches
comes the man and his dog
'no birth, no death'
'fail again, fail better'
the past is no more
it never was in any substantial way
no fishing

guilt art poetry and love
lay imprisoned deep within him
the keys of manifestation
hang around his neck
ready to nourish him
he fails to see and looks out through the bars
whimpering for easy bread

how hard can it be
to go easy on yourself