[Byzantine Bindings]

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Skein Learning

(How not to unwind a skein of thread)

A warning to others.

Here's a nice mistake
giving me an opportunity 
to practice mindful untangling
of course there will be a way
but why waste 10 minutes on the internet
when I can get this result in as many seconds.

All is going well
life is taking another turn this year.

More emphasis on the allotment and the making of books will take place. Since Christmas I have been very active on the plot digging and clearing the fence side of things.

Making books has taken a turn for the miniature and I'm excited about that because I have made two breakthroughs. The first is about printing two sided and the other page layout. I hope there is more to come, I hope to mine the seams of the last few years panning for the gold that I know is there.

Maybe I will commit to more posts a month as well, and to be, well, more human here and there.