Byzantine Bindings

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Book Review*

O’Rourke, B. (2010) Finding Your Hidden Treasure. London: Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd.

books come along
taking you by the hand
magically lead you to water 
you drink

there is no coercion
in "Finding Your Hidden Treasure"
the royal red carpet unrolls
enabling a path you always knew
to be covered in thickets of chaotic
because of hard won stories
others brought back
curiosity kept you
and now
sitting by the river
the highway

becoming no easier
but generously illumined by
a voice of authenticity
becomes crystal clear
invitingly desert smoothed
walk hand in hand a page or two
find yourself
comfortably alone
peacefully connected to everything
at last
even wanton fragments
find their place
necessary faults
in the landscape of soul

The last time I did a book review was "The Collins Pocket Guide to British Birds." That was back in 1962/3 I was at school and won a prize for it. This is my first book review since then so have a care.