[Byzantine Bindings]

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Great Anchor of Breath

comes from thinking
mind takes over control
always come back to the breathing

When I think it’s all over
salt is losing its taste
morning comes early to greet me
body tells me more sleep is needed
but mind races away through the day ahead
the past and the regrets
the more I try to stop it the more it races 
into this sea of raging chaos 
drop the anchor of breath
returning to the moment 
slowly a sense of proportion 
begins to establishes itself
calm begins to return
two hours pass
mind is calm
body refreshed
the process reveals itself
"nothing can thy power withstand
none shall pluck me from thy hand" 1

1 Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep, Jane Eliza Leeson (1808 - 1881)